Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wood Lawn Chairs (Guest star Drover)

Uh, hi? Wow this is exciting, I've never posted before. I took some pictures with my camera.
I sure hope they're good. My name is Drover C. Dog, I thought that it sounded authorish.
I sorta added the C, because, I've always wanted to sea the see! Wait that didn't come out right.
And I put the "Dog" there because, well, I'm a dog! I'm sure glad I'm not a cat.
Wait TT wants to tell me something, will ya wait? Thanks! *Talks with TT*
Okay, TT says I should hurry up, I'll try, I have problems with hurrying up.
There are always so many interesting things going-

Hey Jammers! Todays new item is the Wood Lawn Chair.
It looks like the chair from the Beach Party.
*Glances at Drover and sees him whimpering* ...sigh...Drover, don't cry like that.
You make me feel like a mean old coyote! 
*Drover perks up* "Hmm? Mean old coyote? Hey! I could build on that!"
*Gives Drover back typewriter* 
Hey guys, I'm back! Did you miss me? I sure hope so.
Well anyways there's going to be a thing called the Summer Carnival.
I've always liked carnivals, lots of music, laughter... and hot dogs!
So the Carnival should be arriving tomorrow, so long, jammers!

~and drover too 


  1. TT! Have you been bullying poor little Drover again?!? SHAME!

    Heh heh, don't worry, we all bully Drover too.

    Wait no, we don't. At least I don't.

    LoveLost does! I think.

    Or maybe Drover was just talking to a random elephant plushie. That's probably it.


  2. Hi Drover! I love your post! TT should let you post more often! I'd let Reese post, but he just likes chewing on the mouse.....Give that Back Reese! aluouyulnareouomlal **struggle breaks out** zoiul;mamqdoe Bad Dog! UGH! H chwd th kybord and brok off...... *goes off line**

  3. XD Sea the see! Good job Drover XD

  4. find a table find a seat, we got Pasta we got meat!

    pick some pasta pick some cake, we got lotsa stuff you can take

    Food to order food to serve, food to slurp and food so good

    when your ready to order, don't be shy, just give a holler!

    lots of food and lots of service, its so good you even get lettuce!

  5. Hi Drover!Is TT being mean to you! I would let lily post but she always does to good to be true!Here you can here from here.Hi TT am lily i see my owner going to you blog and i love it looks cool and i wanted to tell you this is my first ever comment this so exciting!(gets type writter from lily)She watches me and she knows a lot about the computer to well bye!

  6. Hey Drover! it's Lucy, So guess what? I started up my blog again! And Gingerpawz might let me start posting on her blog too! You should make a blog of your own too! Hehe, do I talk to much? I'm a pug we do that a lot. Hehe See you in Jamaa!

    ~Lucy Gingerpawz's Pug

  7. i drover! want to meet Woofer? Well, she posts in my blog! I let her post i dont want to interrupt! :D good job!


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