Saturday, March 31, 2012

Endangered Monkeys

Remember! Monkeys are endangered! They will be disappearing from Jamaa soon. 
Monkeys are on half price now, (GreenFun discovered this.)

Have you seen updated Jammer Spotlight?

Earth Hour

Today is the last day of march, and on the last day of march is Earth Hour!
Earth Hour is when for one hour people turn off lights, computers, TV's, video games...ect.
To save power and help protect our amazing earth!
(This is Tech66!)

(This is me! Trickertreee, and Drover of course.)

(From left to right: sophia22401 and one of my best friends, gingerpawz!)

(This is Spino11! Go green (or black) this Earth Hour!)

Happy Earth Hour! In honor of Earth Hour there is this post, 
and the Nav Bar (That bar at the very top of the blog,) has turned black!

Frozen banners

In Jam Mart Furniture there is...a Frozen Banner! 
This would melt into a puddle three seconds flat, where I live.

In Sunken Treasures you can get a Dolphin Venus Statue, for the new den I assume.

I'm sorry I didn't post the Horse party or about the new hat, I can't get into one...
The Land, and ocean Journey Book guides are finished! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Fools' Party

This is one party you won't want to miss! It's like an entire castle turned upside down!
(My kind of castle, it might be hard knowing where to walk.)

At the bottom is a shop! It sells all sorts of Topsy Turvey Downsy Daisy items.

All the items have "Upsidedown" in them.

Indoors there is some Purple Candy Wallpaper!

And at the top of the party is a waterfall, flowing uphill. 

Well that's all for now! I need to go home, I'm incredibly dizzy.
I've finished the Journey Book Guide for the oceans! Click here to see it.


Octopi are now swimming in the oceans of Jamaa, and they look...sorta creepy!
Here are all the actions an Octopus can do...




(Cool fact: Animal Jam Rapids as of now has exactly 777 comments!)

Egg hunt: Locations

It's Easter again! And Animal Jam has an egg hunt again, (they did this last year.)

We'll start our search in Crystal sands.
The first eggs we find are Sea Turtle Eggs! Right below the door to Tierney's aquarium *Checks off list*

In the Temple of Zios, we find Crocodile eggs, right next to those color changing flowers.

Nestled into a corner by the Mira statue in Township are Chicken eggs! Mmmm tasty...

Next to Claw's N' Paws (petshop) in Appondale is are some Emu Eggs.

In Mt Shiveer you can find a Penguin Egg.

In Sarepia Forest there are some Robbin Eggs in a nest.

And in Coral Canyons in a tree are some Harris Hawk Eggs.

And in Canyons Pathway are some Coral Snake Eggs, *Drover hides behind Hank*

These are all the eggs I've seen at the moment, if you know of any others please tell me in the comments!
Enjoy your eggs! 
(Picture credits: Spino, Trickertreee(Storage), Tech66)

New items

In Jam Mart Clothing you can get a Jester Hat.

In Sunken Treasures you can get an expensive Octopus Submersible.

Nearly all den items have a cleaner bigger appearance. 
(Especially with wallpaper and floor.)

Here is the new Jam-A-Gram! Members are also allowed to test Jam-A-Gram typing :D
"Astonishing wigs!!!"

There is a new Horses only party, and a Journey Book for Sarepia Forest.

Introducing AJ's first pet game, Disk Toss! Hank is looking forward to catching disks, (Drover is afraid he'll dent his teeth.) 

The Monthly Member gift will be a Hot Cocoa Machine.

Coming soon: 
Posts on: Egg Hunt, Horses only Party, and octopuses/octopi/octopods
(Here's my new signature!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On the Daily Explorer AJ released a picture of the new Octopi.

So, the update is tomorrow! Octopi will be coming, and monkeys will be gone. 

That said, the new badges will be coming next update, and the Lucky Day items will most likely be gone.
Since there's nothing else, here's a animated picture of ScarTheLion xD

I'm working on a Journey Book Guide, and a signature will soon be in use!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow Machine

In Jam Mart Furniture you can get a Snow Machine!

Our first animated image! :D
(Go to Spino11's den for a spectacular snow display! She's got 6- wait she bought 2 more!)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Claws N' Paws Skyway

Note: I am using a storage account to show you how to do this glitch.

First start here.

Open up someones player card.

Click on games.
Then click here.

Click on any game.

Quickly click Cancel. Make sure you do this all very quickly, and while you are running.

Then click up on the wall.

Ta-da! I hope this was helpful!