Thursday, March 22, 2012


You can now get a Lost Ruins den! They cost 3500 gems, go to my den or Tech66's to see how it looks!

The Lost Ruins den is sorta like Antlantis, the den goes well with the new furniture!
You can get it at Sunken Treasures, they are called Marble Bench & Crescent Marble Chair.

And on a more alarming note...
Yes, you heard me! Monkeys are disappearing from Jamaa, you'd better get yours soon!

Also, the newspaper has ½ on the end! Could this mean updates come every week?

Also, some mean rumors have been going around about my friend, Tech66.
Seriously, do you bullies have nothing better to do than make fun of others?


  1. I love the new den!
    No more monkeys! D:
    P.S. Thank you for telling people about my bully problem.


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