Thursday, March 8, 2012

Giant Squishy Phantoms and Snow Cannons

In Epic Wonders you can buy a GIANT SQUISHY PHANTOM!
Mine tried to eat me... o.o

In Jam Mart Furniture you can get Snow Cannons, they cost 450 gems.


  1. lol you must be soo happy they had a giant squishy phantom. Hey if you want i can send you my phantom in a cage. thats on my member account (ilovacandy10) the colour is yellow. if you send me a post card or somethin i will know you want it and i will send it to you -i have no use for it-
    -meenalove or (ilovecandy10)

  2. So hello blog.0.0 nice uhhhh thats all i have to say.....or maby add mne on aj im nberry


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