Thursday, March 1, 2012

Green lucky day!

Lucky day has arrived! And leprechaun hats have come with it.
(The Hat and Wig is going away, so get it now if you want it.)

In Jam Mart Furniture there are new frosty items, the Ice Cube Chair and Snowflake Table.

Speaking of frosty items there is a new den!

And speaking more about frostyness here's some more of it!

If you go to the top tower in the Snow Fort you'll turn to ice...BRRRRR!

You can now put pets in your den! (See page three of the Jamaa Journal for details.)

Here are my pets invading my neighbors den, UH-OH he's coming back! I'd better get them out!

The new monthly member gift is Elf Tail Armour! Jamaa's first tail item!

There is now Journey Book in Mt Shiveer.

And there are some new updates coming for Crystal Sands.

Maybe the background for the March Member Gift is a clue?

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