Monday, April 30, 2012

Rare Monday: Rare Pigtails

On the sixth page of Jam Mart Clothing you can get Rare Pigtails!
Hmm...when I look at these...I think of grape juice.
AJ HQ also gave out this message to raise awareness of the pigtails.

And I also discovered something about penguin plushies! You can recycle them for 30 gems instead of 15!
Hmm, I wonder why you can recycle these for more, 
tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Party Notice

There's been a big change in the party time, instead of at 1:00 pm, it will now be at 11,00 am.
Sorry about that, here are the new party details:
Hello Jammers! My birthday is soon, so I'm going to have a birthday party! 

Time: 11:00 am Central time
Date: May 5th (Saturday)
Room: My den (we may be moving around)
Server: Flint
Note: You don't have to give me presents, only if you want to.

I hope to see you there! If you can't make it, comment and I'll try to fix the time.
(My birthday isn't actually on May 5th, but May 5th is a Saturday!)

This will be my animal at the party, I'll be decorating my den for the party.

Compasses, Phantom Necklaces, and a glitch

In Sunken Treasures (Kani Cove) you can get a Compass.
Hmm, seems rather heavy to be carrying around on camping trips.
In the Spooky Party you can get a Phantom Necklace!
What phantomy powers does this necklace have? 
I think it gives you the ability to talk with phantoms, what do you think?

And when you try to trade with someone and go to the "add item to trade list" page.
It says "Add to Jam-a-gram," test it out for yourself!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duck Pillows and Ghost Window

In the Pet Den Item Shop you can get a Duck Pillow!
Hmm, looks comfy for a duck, squishy too!

And in the Spooky Party you can get the new Ghost Window.
It's odd that they have this kind of party at this time of year!
Also in the Spooky Party if you click on a special place on the wall, you can buy bat pets!
Can you spot the hidden bat?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Formal Dinner Toys

Hello toy collectors! In Phantom Invasion (Sol Arcade), 
you can now get "Formal Dinner Toys" as I call them.
These are cool! I like the seal one best, it looks like he's getting ready for a broadway show,
 which one is your favorite?

Royal Tiara

After a long long wait there is a new clothing item in Epic Wonders! (The green orb.)
You can get a Royal Tiara, your not going to catch me wearing one of these!

First of all LoveLost discovered this, 
the doors to Bhari Bargains have another set of doors behind them now!
Hmm, looks sorta like those saloon kind of doors, interesting...
Also, there is a new way of sorting furniture items.
Hmm, this is rather useful.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Journey Book Guide: Appondale

Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations from top to bottom: Wildebeest, Warthog, Black Mamba, Meerkat, Cockroach, Ants, Guinea Fowl, Weaver Bird, Golden Mole, Rock Hyrax, Zebra

The Wildebeest gallops around and grazes in the savanah background.

 The Warthog appears in the mud wallow at the bottom of Appondale.

 The Black Mamba slithers across Appondale, it's poisonous!

 The Meerkat appears on the rock above the mud wallow.

 The Cockroach appears around the Animal Museum door.

 The Ants walk in a never ending line to the ant hill,
it will probably be the first thing you see.

 The Guinea Fowl appears on that rock hill next to Fruit Slinger.

 The Weaver Bird flies to and fro from this nest to build .

 The Golden Mole digs a hole in that dark canyon pathway.

 The Rock Hyrax comes out on that rock to the entrance of Jamaa Township, HISS!

The Zebra runs around in the savanah background.

Your prize is...a special tree for your pets to live in! 
Comes complete with a tire swing, hamster bubble, special tree room, and a puppy lounge chair!

Eat 'Em Up moved to new location

You can no longer play Eat Em' Up in Bahari Bay!
You can play it in Crystal Reef now, hmm, I wonder why AJ did this.

Also, there is 2x gems on Mira Says on the Chamber of Knowledge (second floor).

Spooky Party

Hello Jammers! This is a guide for the Spooky Party, so take a deep breath and here we go!

When you first get in you see this:
I'll mention the other details later, not excluding spooky fogs, lets start with the stores!
This is the Spooky Party Shop:
And here is what you can buy, there are Floating Candles and Scary Organs.
One floor up is a music shop! Where you can buy "Spooky Old Bones".
Yet another floor up is a clothing shop, which is comprised of an old wardrobe.
You can buy a Phantom Balloon and a few other Day Of The Phantom items!
Now that we've covered the stores, shall we continue to the twisting swirling fog?
If you spend to much time in the fog you, begin to...disappear!
Click here to get a little ghost:
I'll let you explore the rest for yourself now! TT Tour Guide signing off.

Appondale Journey Book and Ssssnake

The contest den winner is a jammer named Miss Clever Paw!
The item is called Cleverclaw's Dresser, I've always needed something like this for my study, and it's nonmember too!

In the Pet Den Item Shop you can get Grass With Worms, and Duck Crossing Sign.

There is a new Appondale Journey Book page, I'll be updating the Journey Book Guide (Land) for it soon.
Oh dear, it figures, Appondale is so full I can't get in!
Whew I finally got in! And, wow, it's extremely crowded and chaotic!
There are people yelling at other people, a snake is crossing the road, wolves eating bunnies and...

...There is an underwater version of Best Dressed in Bhari Bargains!
Here are a few pictures for you if you haven't been already:
Ta-da! The caped penguin is here to rescue you! *Trips on cape* 

Now for the new pet games, we'll start with pet game icons. Pet game icons have turned green!
With that out of the way there is the new pet game, Ssssssnake, 
to get to it click on the picture of the snake in the newspaper.

To play you have to catch mice, there are special golden mice, avoid smashing into walls or biting yourself.

And there is a new Spooky Party, I'll make a post about it when I get in.

Animal Jam has also given us a clue about the future animal!
I found the letters, unscrambled them, and they spell...
I wonder if Giraffes will be taller than other animals or the same size, if tigers are the same size are horses...

There is also a report button for typed Jam-a-grams! In case you get a not so nice letter.

There is also some bad news, globes have gone back to their old beta look!
I'll miss my blue old world globe, I hope you enjoy the updates!