Thursday, April 12, 2012

Atlantis Party

Hello Jammers! This is a party post about the Atlantis Party, the first ocean party.
There are lots of colorful luminous lights, when you first get in you see this...
Pretty right? Here are some more glowing lights for you...

There is a Atlantis Party Shop here.
There you can get a Wave Necklace and a Trident Necklace.

There's also an Atlantis furniture shop, at the very top of the party.
There you can get underwater land items! 
From left to right they are called Bubble Welcome Mat, Bubblevision, and Bubble Speakers.

Located throughout the party are these bubble swirly things.

If you do the 'Swirl' action it will make a whirlpool!

Enjoy the party! Here are a few more pictures for you.

Click on this star to get a star icon next to you.

Click on this anchor to get an anchor icon.

And they have this new globe at the party too.

Well that's all for now! Enjoy the party! Comment your thoughts below.

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