Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eat 'Em Up moved to new location

You can no longer play Eat Em' Up in Bahari Bay!
You can play it in Crystal Reef now, hmm, I wonder why AJ did this.

Also, there is 2x gems on Mira Says on the Chamber of Knowledge (second floor).


  1. I have waited so long for a bat and now I can get one and when I was playing ssssssnake a message popped up,Head to bahari bay to play the new version of best dressed, and my snake bit it's tail :( at least I got 50 gems :) the picture is on kakaloua's blog or If you can't find it Type in , Animal jam love - kakaloua's blog- welcome to spring, hope was helpful. -kakaloua

  2. I think they changed were the "eat em' up" is so that they could put the Water Best Dressed


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