Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Update

The update is here! First of all, all the "Save Big Cats" banners 
are replaced by monkey banners, and earth day banners.

And the new newspaper also has a new format...
If you click on the yellow tabs on the right, you can skip to an article in the newspaper.
I think I liked the old format better, oh well.

Oh, and AJ has given land pets and ocean pets their own sections! I have more pet slots now!
Animal jam also now allows you to go to the Pet Stop right from the pets tab. 
There is also a Pet Den Item Shop, it currently sells a Dog House.

There is a new pet game, Ducky Dash.
You use your arrow keys to get ducks, avoid the frogs, logs and cans.
I suspect there are achievements to earn, I haven't earned any yet though.

For Easter, you can get bunnies as pets in Jamaa! They are limited time only though, just like bats.
Here's a Bunny pet stop in Sarepia Forest.
Here's my new bunny, Bunnicula...if you click on a bunny it will do a hat trick for you.

There is also a Den Item Contest!
Wow, cool! I hope we get a watermelon blender or something.

And last but not least is a new bunny Jam-a-gram.
The Jam-a-gram is animated! The bunny moves in and out of the hat.

There is also an Atlantis Party, there will be a future post about it.


  1. What?! Shouldn't it be a greek god party?! Why's it Atlantis if they sell greek god/roman god statues?!

  2. Bunnicula! You brought back memories of reading that book!
    I want to comment alot so Flying Squirrel Tiggie will be pleased!


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