Friday, April 27, 2012

Formal Dinner Toys

Hello toy collectors! In Phantom Invasion (Sol Arcade), 
you can now get "Formal Dinner Toys" as I call them.
These are cool! I like the seal one best, it looks like he's getting ready for a broadway show,
 which one is your favorite?


  1. I like the crocodile with his cool red bowtie x3

  2. My favorite one is the elephant! :D
    And the bunny looks like Elvis. XD

  3. My favorite is the koala. He looks like he's dancing!

  4. i like the horse:p looks like a spy!

  5. The Bunny is mine :P with it's white suite and it gold platform :)

  6. I like the koala and the seal and the bunny!

  7. i own the horse and tiger their so funny my fav is the horse and wolf cant decide :)

    im zoidberg13 or zeldaisawesome13

  8. awesome! i like all of them :)


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