Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Celebrate our amazing, beautiful, and wonderful earth.

Here are some great pictures of me and my friends celebrating Earth Day :D
After we all said something about Earth Day we all had a Tree party.
Tree parties are like tea parties except they are in trees.

Happy Earth Day! Don't forget to play Super Sort, it's on 3x gems.


  1. i played super sort today! i got 1,000 gems :P

  2. I had a party at my den then everyone dressed up all green and leafy :P It was fun :)
    And I also bought super sort and we all played it :)
    It was in a tree house den :)

  3. I couldn't go online on Earth Day! Oh well, Happy Earth Day! :D
    Also, TT, how much blog views went up, after LoveLost posted about your blog?


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