Thursday, April 12, 2012

Globe update and other items

Animal jam has updated the 'Globe' item! It used to look like this:
Now it's like an old world kind of globe! I like it better this new way.
Perfect for my study! *Spins globe*

In Jam Mart Clothing you can get a returned rare, a Monkey Hat, 
funny that this came out just when monkeys went extinct.

And in the Pet Den Item Shop you can get a bone.
Hank hopes it's a steak bone, well, thats Hank for you!

In Sarepia Forest you can get 3x gems in Super Sort!

And on the second floor of the Chamber of Knowledge there are 2x gems on Mira Says.


  1. Where do the sell the globe? -Trooper26 I am not using my regular because it wont let me use google.


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