Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Train Sets are back

In Jam Mart Furniture you can get an old beta item, the Train Set!
I can't believe they brought these back, I had one and it was really rare...until now that is.
Oh well, it's nice to see these again I suppose.

And in Bahari Bargains you can get Flippers again.

This is Animal Jam Rapids 300th post!


  1. Why oh why did they have to sell Trains again!? D:

  2. I know, I screamed for real when I saw the post D,:

  3. I LOVE trains!!!!!!!!!!! but being a non-member it doesn't really help me out much, now does it....sigh.....

  4. that stinks that they brought them back! maybe you guys should stock up on them, then you will have a lot and get more rares, when there rare again

  5. I GOT IT! I have a theory about as to why AJ is bringing back rare items! They wan't to see us trading! A lot of people have tons of rares, so I think that if we all start trading rares, rare items will stop coming out! ~ chorus2010


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