Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dog Toys and Silver Bricks

In the Pet Den Item Shop you can get a Dog Toy, 
maybe Hank will chew on this instead of the dining room table...

In Epic Wonders you can get a Silver Brick and the Red Sports Car again.

And in Sunken Treasures you can buy the new globe for your underwater den!
If you were lucky enough to have a rare beta globe, that globe will be nonmember and for land dens!
So AJ sorta released this item, sorta kept it rare.

Note: I will post about the Horse Party music when I get in.


  1. OMG your blog is super awesome i was wondering how you get the silver brick im bookmarking this page and does Flying Squirrel Tiggie want a bowl of noodles? Here -hands bowl of noodles to flying squirrel tiggie-

    1. The Flying Squirrel Tiggie is happy that you bookmarked this page!

      He is also happy that you gave him a bowl of noodles "NOOOODLES!!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!"


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