Thursday, April 26, 2012

Journey Book Guide: Appondale

Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations from top to bottom: Wildebeest, Warthog, Black Mamba, Meerkat, Cockroach, Ants, Guinea Fowl, Weaver Bird, Golden Mole, Rock Hyrax, Zebra

The Wildebeest gallops around and grazes in the savanah background.

 The Warthog appears in the mud wallow at the bottom of Appondale.

 The Black Mamba slithers across Appondale, it's poisonous!

 The Meerkat appears on the rock above the mud wallow.

 The Cockroach appears around the Animal Museum door.

 The Ants walk in a never ending line to the ant hill,
it will probably be the first thing you see.

 The Guinea Fowl appears on that rock hill next to Fruit Slinger.

 The Weaver Bird flies to and fro from this nest to build .

 The Golden Mole digs a hole in that dark canyon pathway.

 The Rock Hyrax comes out on that rock to the entrance of Jamaa Township, HISS!

The Zebra runs around in the savanah background.

Your prize is...a special tree for your pets to live in! 
Comes complete with a tire swing, hamster bubble, special tree room, and a puppy lounge chair!


  1. Thank you.

  2. WOW! I need one of those for my pets! They don't have even a bone to chew on! By the way, thanks to the journey book guide, I am surprised that you didn't have any other people on your photos, appondale must be calm right?

    1. I wait until night falls and most Jammers have gone to bed... :D

  3. UGh! I still have to get that owl from serepia forest! I got work to do this weekend on AJ!!

    1. I have other Journey Book Guides on the left side bar.

  4. When I saw the meerkat and warthog, so nearby to eachother, all I could think of was TIMON AND PUMBAA!! XD


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