Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spooky Party

Hello Jammers! This is a guide for the Spooky Party, so take a deep breath and here we go!

When you first get in you see this:
I'll mention the other details later, not excluding spooky fogs, lets start with the stores!
This is the Spooky Party Shop:
And here is what you can buy, there are Floating Candles and Scary Organs.
One floor up is a music shop! Where you can buy "Spooky Old Bones".
Yet another floor up is a clothing shop, which is comprised of an old wardrobe.
You can buy a Phantom Balloon and a few other Day Of The Phantom items!
Now that we've covered the stores, shall we continue to the twisting swirling fog?
If you spend to much time in the fog you, begin to...disappear!
Click here to get a little ghost:
I'll let you explore the rest for yourself now! TT Tour Guide signing off.


  1. yay ( even though i haven't been there ) but thanks trickertreee.

    beautygirl222 big fan

  2. LOL...! When you say ''I AM SEE THROUGH!'' You are close to a ghost so it looks like your pet snake is with a ghost expression! So funny!


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