Good Times*

Hello Jammers! 
This is a page with samples from my blog
'Good Times' see all the good times here!

Date Unknown: The Blue Pandas
It was a normal day in Jamaa Township, until a yell was heard!
The Blue Pandas had struck again!
The Blue Pandas then grew and multiplied, squishing many animals.

July 24: Plushies, plushies, everywhere.
Plushies, who doesn't have a plushie or two in their den?
Some people have a few plushies.
Some are hard core collectors.
Some plushies are big, some are small. Some of them are very tall!
Some plushies came for 4h of July, others, like Scar III came for the coffee cake.
Some plushies have names, like Charcoal the sooty giraffe, or Cody the clever fox.
Plushies come in many varieties and color, from Cami's Frog to Phantom Plushies and the Gecko Group.
The many faces of the plushie, endless variety!

 The secret home where all plushies wait, to be won and taken home.
There are three Claws in Jamaa, Juice Hut, Theater Lobby, Animal Museum.
Each one has plushies waiting to be taken home, what plushie will find you today?

June 25 to June 29: The Tigers of Jamaa

Tigers, indeed there are many tigers in Jamaa.

Sometimes you may find strange gatherings of rainbow tigers in Jamaa.
Or you may find a bunch of friends out for a sleepover.
Or one tiger selling lemonade.
Oh these crazy tigers, they never seem to get tired.
And all thanks goes to our tiger shaman, there's a reason he won that badge of courage.
Sir Gilbert, the regal tiger shaman, is a proud warrior. He takes his ancestry very seriously and always makes it a point to honor those that came before him when going into battle.
Even though he has a rough appearance, Sir Gilbert is a very thoughtful spiritual animal with a caring nature. His personality is serious, reverential, and soft-spoken, He has a deep, low voice that can be as soothing as it is menacing. As a mentor to new tigers, Sir Gilbert can be a tough teacher, but he possesses great wisdom and knows a lot about the history and tradition of Jamaa and its ongoing struggle with the phantoms that inhabit the Animal Jam World. ~Ancient shaman legend

June 11: The Cat Quire
Okay, I said. Imagine your at Corneggly Hall in Jamaa City!
There are thousands of jammers who came. Paying a 1000 gems a piece,
 to see the singin' sensation! Of The Cat Quire.
They're all dressed up in tuxedos and them tall black hats.
Scar: I can't believe he's doing this again...
Raoul: I can believe it!
And suddenly, they turn off the houselights, everyone falls silent. I mean, nobody says a word!
And then...the curtains part, revealing the star!
Scar: Oh brother XD
Raoul: Oh bother!
Here we go! *Drover covers ears with paws*

We all bowed to the great Mira, and I turned to leave.
And that's when I saw Drover...
He'd fallen asleep halfway through the song!
HMPH, I grumbled. You've got no more class than a box of fleas.

April 25: Tech and the dancing pumpkin

I was enjoying a tree party in my tree house with Drover and Hank, and Tech had gone off somewhere... many times have I told him not to go down by the river? There are monkey bandits down there!
Well, he went into that old pumpkin patch, which was owned by my Founder of Jamaa great great grand father. And Tech discovered a pumpkin...
Tech was very curious, and suddenly the pumpkin started dancing! 
I was getting some mint from my garden to make more tea when Tech suddenly appeared!
He was meowing up a storm, behind him was a pumpkin...what's so scary about a pumpkin?
"MEEEOOOW" translation: "If only you knew..."

April 21: Sliding Contest
I took Tech to a sliding contest, the cat that slid down the slide the "calmest" would win!
I was trying to get Tech to go down the slide when an Emu showed up!
 Tech fell down the slide and slid all the way to the bottom.
 He came out of the slide with perfect grace and agility!
 The judge was about to place a blue ribbon on Tech when...
Oh well, there goes our blue ribbon...Tech is such a silly kitty!
April 20: Sleepover
Greatshot, Spino, and I were having a sleepover, and Spino was talking in her sleep.
"TT didn't steal your noodles..." she was mumbling, when suddenly I heard a horrible sound!
I went through the ceiling and came down again with a crash...
I missed! Oh well...
Tech is such a bad kitty... XD

April 19: Tech eats a priceless scroll
I was in the Chamber of Knowledge, catching up on some afternoon reading.
I reached into the back of the shelf and pulled out a scroll! It was yellowed with age.
It was about how to get free rares! I was just about to open it when...
Tech grabbed it in his mouth and ate it! The scroll melted instantly.
Oh well, how can I stay mad at someone so cute? Even if he did eat a priceless scroll,
Tech is such a bad kitty... hehe.

April 18: Ninja lessons
Today, or tonight would be more accurate, I signed up for Ninja Lessons!
Wow...he sure has a lot of tables, he then gave us a little demonstration.
I watched as the table spun in mid air and then landed with a loud "WHACK!" 
(Credit goes to gingerpawz for the idea.)

April 17: Poor, poor Grimble
Today, my friend, Grimble was eaten...
...see the sad, sad pictures I took.

After a few minutes...

And that concludes our four second movie! "Poor, poor Grimble"
Deleted Scene: Leap Frog Tiggies.

April 16: The original founders of Jamaa.
I was resting in bed, well, actually I was exploring under the bed and I found this picture!
It's of the original four founders of Jamaa. you can see the picture has faded with time, anyways these were the four founders of Jamaa!
Three of them are bunnies! And that coyote looks uncannily like me...maybe one of my relatives?

April 16: Two new cats
This morning I woke up and discovered two cats sleeping at my door!
I woke them up and gave them some cat nip.
They seemed to like it, I named the grey one Scar and the blue one Tech.
But then Tech tried to eat my Elf Tail Armour! That's 300 gems worth of Taily!
After I got my rather worn out Taily back they had discovered Drover!
Wow...they are a lot bigger than Drover, how strange.

April 15: So called Emu Proof Brick Walls
Today I traded my Planet Walls for Red Brick Walls!
A paper that came with the walls claimed that the walls were Emu proof!
Just then, an Emu appeared and started to eat my walls! So I had to take action...
Did you know that Spino11 used to be afraid of Emus? 
Well not any more, now she's afraid of Moor Hens.
(The Emu's name is HorseLips.)

April 15: Copy Cat!
Me and Tech play a game of Copy Cat, where you copy the other players
colors, patterns, clothes, and tag!
(Also known as Copy Croc.)

April 14: Double the Gingerpawz, double the fun!
Okay lets see...that ones Gingerpawz, and that one is Gingerpawz...
...or is it the other way around? (From left to right LoveLost and Gingerpawz!)

April 14: Octo
Me and my friend octopus737 or "Octo" make our favorite emotes,
(the tongue emote.)

April 5: Drover's new camera
Drover sports his new camera while going for the elusive golden disk in a game of Disk Toss.

April 2: Scar's Tiggie Schotish
Me and my friend Scar do the Tiggie Schotish on the leafy top of Tierney's Aquarium!
thanks to Crystal Sands Skyway Glitch.

March 31: Earth Hour
Me and friends celebrate Earth Hour! 
See the post about Earth Hour here.

March 29: Behold...the eggs...
From left to right Spino11, Tech66 and my storage,
in the background are the four eggs you could win in the last egg hunt.

January 1: Happy New Year!

Animal Jam Rapids wishes you a happy New Year!
Colorful tiggies ringing in the new year! See the post here.


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  2. XD What great moments! ;D

  3. Tech is stealing TT's tail! How cute! XD

  4. tech and scary lol cute! we emu buddies!!! we should eat more of lovelost tan carpet soon! it is very yummy!~

    1. lol i ate headphones earlier today. Mmm... blackeberry


  5. Aww!! You sure look like you have a blast everyday on animal jam! Jam on!


  6. i wish i was related to one of the first four founders of animaljam or the FFF! lucky you!

  7. XD I love these pictures! The Emu is hilarious. Poor Grimble[me] XD

  8. This blog page is so fun! :D

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  10. XD Great pictures, as always :D

  11. lol, i will make sure to take a defense class in case i meet that bunny! what if the emu knows that trick?? maybe it will use it to steal your carpets and wallpaper, who knows! protect your items!

  12. I could help out in one of those. GreatShot at your service. :P


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  17. @trickertreee coyote
    These photos are hilarious! Especially the one when tech the bad kitty eats the book on how to become rare! It is super funny! :D Keep up the great work! ^.^ Happy Earth Day as well!


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    (P.S. Can I make a Good Times blog? I will give you credit)

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