Thursday, September 13, 2012

AJ Birthday Party

It's me again, ScarTheLion, with the report on the newest party on Animal Jam!
The AJ Birthday Party!
I tell you, this is the best party I have seen!
Not to mention its ALL FOOD!
Chocolate, vanilla, fudge, cookies!...
Ok, Scar, get a hold of yourself.
*Breathes deeply*
On with the tour!

This is basically what you see when you first get in. My fox, Dr Zachary Smith [Yes, from Lost in Space], will be showing us around. These statues are all sold in the Party's shop.

The whole party is an enormous CAKE! Oh, the tasty delight of a cake in your mouth!

In the bottom corners, there is some delightful ice cream... Oh boy, I'm so hungry!
Click the candles around the party and you get snacks!
On the lower floor, you get donuts from the candles.
On the middle floor, you get ice cream.
On the top floor, you get cake from the big number 2 candle.
What a marvelous party!

This is the shop where the Alpha statues are sold.

A view of the cake, err, party.

This is the candle you get the piece of cake from, it's on the VERY top of the party! The snacks, and the party/cake itself, is utterly delicious beyond expression!!!

Cookies and Ice cream and fudge, oh my!
It makes my mouth water just looking at it!
Oh, the pain, the pain, if only it was a real place in life...
Ah well, AJ has created a wonderland for us food-lovers. I'm very grateful!

Well, that's all for now!
This is ScarTheLion saying,
Happy Jamming, and play safe!


  1. .0. I need to go on NOW!!!!!

  2. NOOOOOOO the pillow room is gone D: but medical center is back ;) wish both could be here though..

    1. WHAT? They removed the pillow room?! O:

    2. now its back :D i went on a couple days ago, it was the medical center! now pillow room is back :D

  3. look up creachercritter and look at there duck it is the thing for the game so ya

    from , maggie1520


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