Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sea Turtle Submersible

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! Today's new item is the Sea Turtle Submersible. 
Sorry that posts are happening later than they used too, I've been busy today. 
Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. TT where are you!!!???!!!!!!!?

  2. And for all of those people who've heard of Lovelost, someone who used to blog but stopped because it was too much work and because of school(DRUMROLL...)Lovelost is now posting on her blog animaljam flash! She came up with something called "Project YAY" and I hope you guys will read her blog because it was very popular but now its very not popular. I only want for you guys out there to look at it, and Trickertreee, I don't want your blog's readers to forget you, I like your blog too. I hope some people read this because it would be very nice to Lovelost and I never met her but I know she is very nice.

    ~Katzrock1234 (^.^)/


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