Journey Book Guide (Land)

This is the Journey Book Guide (land) 
If your looking for the Journey Book Guide for oceans click here!
If you want to find the Journey Book animals yourself, look away!
Tip: If you can't find an animal, go to another place and come back.

Temple of Zios:
Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations, from top to bottom: Pitcher Plant, Hibiscus, Vine Snake, Praying Mantis, Colugo, Needle Fish, Water Strider, Turtle, Dragonfly, Python, Monitor Lizard.

The Pitcher Plant grows on a pillar that holds up the roof of Temple of Trivia.

The Hibiscus grows just left of the Chamber of Knowledge.

The Vine Snake hangs on the left side of the entrance to Sarepia Forest.

The Praying Mantis is sometimes on a plant in the middle of the Chamber of Knowledge and Brady Barr's lab. (It sometimes flies away.)

The Colugo glides around the left side of Temple of Zios.

The Needlefish swims around in the little pond in the left side of Temple of Zios.

The Water Strider appears out of the little cave with a river flowing out of it.

The Turtle walks out from behind these brownish yellow rocks.

The Dragonfly flies around all over the Temple of Zios.

The Python is right next to the door to the Chamber of Knowledge, 
(To get him to appear, click on that white mouse.)

The Monitor Lizard appears on the rocks next to the path to Brady Barr's labs.

Your prize is an Elephant Throne! Very regal...

Mt. Shiveer:
Complete guide.
Animal locations, from top to bottom: Yak, Red Panda, Himalayan Poppy, Juniper Tree, Partridge, Permafrost, Hawk Moth, Slate, Lemming, Himalayan Tahr.

The Yak graze just above Gem Breaker, a cloud of mist sometimes covers them.

The Red Panda is just to the right of the hot springs, cute little feller ain't he?

The Himalayan Poppy grows right next to the Hot Coco Hut.

The Juniper tree is close to the Hot Coco Hut and is always there.

The Partridge stays on this little rock next to the campfire, 
(Sometimes she goes away, taking her little chick with her.)

The Permafrost is right in the middle of Mt. Shiveer.

The Hawk Moth flies around the hot steam coming out of the hot springs.

The Slate is right above the Hot Coco Hut.

The lemming is on the walkway to the right of the slide, 
(It sometimes goes away.)

The Himalayan Tahr jumps around the mountain at the very top of Mt Shiveer.

Your prize is...a squishy cuddly red panda plushie! 

Sarepia Forest:
Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations, from top to bottom: Snail, Skunks, Mushrooms, Poison Ivy, Termites, Moss, Chipmunk, Raven, Great Horned Owl, Woodpecker, Fireflies. 

The Snail inches out from that big log on the bottom left of Sarepia Forest.

The Skunks waddle out from under the slide and cross these rocks.

The Mushrooms are growing on the bottom Right corner of Sarepia Forest.

The Poison Ivy grows next to the big tree with the steps.

The Termites are next to the butterfly mini pet shop.

The Moss grows on the tree that the slide passes through.

The Chipmunk sits on the branch right under the entrance to Mt. Shiveer.

The Raven swoops down and hops around under the Wind Rider game.
(Did you know a group of Ravens is called an unkindness of ravens? Ominous...)

The Great Horned Owl sits on the sign that points to Coral Canyons.

The Woodpecker pecks wood on the big tree that the slide goes through,
(It sometimes retreats into the whole it pecked.)

The Fireflies appear under the butterfly mini pet shop. 

Your gift is...a small tree house! My Red Panda Plushie resides in it now.

Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations from top to bottom: Wildebeest, Warthog, Black Mamba, Meerkat, Cockroach, Ants, Guinea Fowl, Weaver Bird, Golden Mole, Rock Hyrax, Zebra.

The Wildebeest gallops around and grazes in the savanah background.

 The Warthog appears in the mud wallow at the bottom of Appondale.

 The Black Mamba slithers across Appondale, it's poisonous!

 The Meerkat appears on the rock above the mud wallow.

 The Cockroach appears around the Animal Museum door.

 The Ants walk in a never ending line to the ant hill,
it will probably be the first thing you see.

 The Guinea Fowl appears on that rock hill next to Fruit Slinger.

 The Weaver Bird flies to and fro from this nest to build .

 The Golden Mole digs a hole in that dark canyon pathway.

 The Rock Hyrax comes out on that rock to the entrance of Jamaa Township, HISS!

The Zebra runs around in the savanah background.

Your prize is...a special tree for your pets to live in! 
Comes complete with a tire swing, hamster bubble, special tree room, and a puppy lounge chair!

Coral Canyons:
Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations, from top to bottom: Coyote, Cardinal, Peregrine Falcon, Dandelion, Saguaro Cactus, Honeybees, Woodchuck, Tarantula, Gila Monster, Scorpion, Rattlesnake.

I'm starting off the Coral Canyons guide with...can you guess? The coyote! My favorite animal.
The Coyote walks around on the blue cliff in the top left corner, 
I got a picture of his epic howling.

The Cardinal flies to the tree branch in the top left corner.

The Peregrine Falcon flies around in the top right corner.

The Dandelion can be found on the ledge somewhat above Epic Wonders.

The Saguaro Cactus can be found next to the sign to Canyons Pathway.

The Honeybees can be found close to Best Dressed.

The Woodchuck can be found to the left of the entrance to Sarepia Forest.

The Tarantula can be found close to the road that goes up the right side of Coral Canyons.

The Gila Monster can be found on the rocks below the Art Studio.

The Scorpion can be found on the rocks above Long Shot.

The Rattlesnake can be found to the left side of the waterfall.

Your gift is... a poky Cactus Chair! Have a seat.

Crystal Sands: 
Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations from top to bottom: Sugarcane, Sand Dollar, Cacao Tree, Flamingo, Crab, Tidepool, Tapir, Macaw, Centipede, Basilisk Lizard, Green Iguana.

 The Sugarcane can be found at the very left, just below the entrance to the Temple Of Zios.

 The Sand Dollar can be found between the slides on the left.

 The Cacao Tree is on the left side of Captain Melville's Juice Hut.

 The Flamingo is always just below that little island.

 The Crab is scuttling around between Overflow and Tierney's Aquarium.
 The Tidepool is just below Tierney's Aquarium. 

 The Tapir comes out of the entrance to Mt. Shiveer.

 The Macaw swoops and lands on the roof of Tierney's Aquarium. 

 The Centipede craws around on the roof of the Pet Wash.

 The Basilisk Lizard stays for a while on a rock near the waterfall,
but be warned, he will make a quick dash for the bushes near the Pet Wash.

The Green Iguana sunbathes on the roof of Captain Melville's Juice Hut.

Congrats! Your prize is a refreshing Lemonade Stand :)


  1. OK. I do have both a Red Panda and a Tree House. I already have all the animals and such in the journey book.

  2. Thanks! These really helped but could you post some for the ocean pages?

  3. awesome work trickertree!

  4. Hi, you may not know me, but I am Daisygal54 on Animal Jam and on blogger. I surf the internet for Animal Jam blogs and i stumbled upon this one. i think it's great, and you must have put a huge effort into it! Keep up the good work!
    P.S. The Journey book Cheats Really helped! There's a new one out, too. Coral Canyons. if you can do it that would be great.

    1. Thank you! Your comment is encouraging :)
      And the Coral Canyons Journey Book Guide has been here for a while.

  5. hey trickertreee, my friend and i LUV ur blog. I met you a while ago and talked to you about Drover and said 'Is Hank being nice to him?' and stuff. your as nice and funny in aj as you are on your blog! fantastic blog, luv it


  6. hdy trickertreee that was very helpful! thankz can we meet sometime on aj? at the juice hut maybe? thanks! -darkchild-

  7. meet me im soo boted ppl im darkchild

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