Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monthly Member Gift: Hot Cocoa Machines

The Monthly Member Gift is here! A Hot Coco Machine.
Just like the one in the Hot Coco Hut, here is what it looks like in a den.
Enjoy your homemade Hot Coco! *Sips*

Animal jam played a April Fools Prank on us! 
By purposely "forgetting" to send some of us our Hot Cocoa Machines,


  1. How come some people (most people) haven't gotten it? Any tips?

    1. A glitch I guess, I know that once New Years Hats were sent early to some jammers...

  2. I haven't gotten the Jam-A-Gram for the membership. And, really sorry I missed the filming time! I was watching something and forgot the time and such.

  3. Reminders: 5PM CST (6PM EST) Tuesday, April 3. Filming!

  4. I have but it didnt let me put it in my den and its NOT full.


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