Thursday, April 26, 2012

Appondale Journey Book and Ssssnake

The contest den winner is a jammer named Miss Clever Paw!
The item is called Cleverclaw's Dresser, I've always needed something like this for my study, and it's nonmember too!

In the Pet Den Item Shop you can get Grass With Worms, and Duck Crossing Sign.

There is a new Appondale Journey Book page, I'll be updating the Journey Book Guide (Land) for it soon.
Oh dear, it figures, Appondale is so full I can't get in!
Whew I finally got in! And, wow, it's extremely crowded and chaotic!
There are people yelling at other people, a snake is crossing the road, wolves eating bunnies and...

...There is an underwater version of Best Dressed in Bhari Bargains!
Here are a few pictures for you if you haven't been already:
Ta-da! The caped penguin is here to rescue you! *Trips on cape* 

Now for the new pet games, we'll start with pet game icons. Pet game icons have turned green!
With that out of the way there is the new pet game, Ssssssnake, 
to get to it click on the picture of the snake in the newspaper.

To play you have to catch mice, there are special golden mice, avoid smashing into walls or biting yourself.

And there is a new Spooky Party, I'll make a post about it when I get in.

Animal Jam has also given us a clue about the future animal!
I found the letters, unscrambled them, and they spell...
I wonder if Giraffes will be taller than other animals or the same size, if tigers are the same size are horses...

There is also a report button for typed Jam-a-grams! In case you get a not so nice letter.

There is also some bad news, globes have gone back to their old beta look!
I'll miss my blue old world globe, I hope you enjoy the updates! 


  1. My globe was the only thing I kept from Beta...

  2. no! i liked the updated look better now it doesn't look right in my den...

  3. listen I would LOVE to go to your animal jam birthday but my friend's birthday party is on that EXACT same day AND time

  4. You rock dude this wesite rocks. I found a glitch in the spooky party btw. If your there and you go to the top floor, where there is a cabinet to buy things, there is a window with a ghost in it. A candle is under the window. Click <--- left of the window ^ up of the candle. Ta-da! Instant bat finder. It's awesome.


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