Monday, April 23, 2012

Find it contest

This contest has been won! Sorry.
(The winner is once again Spino!)
Hello Jammers! Here's another Find it contest for you, I think I'll start doing one of these every week!
Anyways, the contest prize is a Fruit Bowl.
To enter the contest find and comment the locations of all these pictures below.


Here's a hint, the first picture is in a cold place, what land it's in should be obvious now.
And the 6th picture, I just happened to stumble upon it! Odd that there is still a clover patch in Jamaa.


  1. 1. Mt. Shiveer
    2. Crystal Sands
    3. Jam Mart Furniture
    4. Lost Temple Of Zios
    5. Sol Arcade
    6. Jamaa Township


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