Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egg hunt: Locations

It's Easter again! And Animal Jam has an egg hunt again, (they did this last year.)

We'll start our search in Crystal sands.
The first eggs we find are Sea Turtle Eggs! Right below the door to Tierney's aquarium *Checks off list*

In the Temple of Zios, we find Crocodile eggs, right next to those color changing flowers.

Nestled into a corner by the Mira statue in Township are Chicken eggs! Mmmm tasty...

Next to Claw's N' Paws (petshop) in Appondale is are some Emu Eggs.

In Mt Shiveer you can find a Penguin Egg.

In Sarepia Forest there are some Robbin Eggs in a nest.

And in Coral Canyons in a tree are some Harris Hawk Eggs.

And in Canyons Pathway are some Coral Snake Eggs, *Drover hides behind Hank*

These are all the eggs I've seen at the moment, if you know of any others please tell me in the comments!
Enjoy your eggs! 
(Picture credits: Spino, Trickertreee(Storage), Tech66)


  1. why are there 3 when i only got 1???

    1. You only get one kind of egg per jammer. You can trade for one or receive it as a gift however.

  2. the are 4 and u can get them from other accounts you've made or from other jammers.


  3. tt coyite plz update bit more thx!@


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