Thursday, March 29, 2012

New items

In Jam Mart Clothing you can get a Jester Hat.

In Sunken Treasures you can get an expensive Octopus Submersible.

Nearly all den items have a cleaner bigger appearance. 
(Especially with wallpaper and floor.)

Here is the new Jam-A-Gram! Members are also allowed to test Jam-A-Gram typing :D
"Astonishing wigs!!!"

There is a new Horses only party, and a Journey Book for Sarepia Forest.

Introducing AJ's first pet game, Disk Toss! Hank is looking forward to catching disks, (Drover is afraid he'll dent his teeth.) 

The Monthly Member gift will be a Hot Cocoa Machine.

Coming soon: 
Posts on: Egg Hunt, Horses only Party, and octopuses/octopi/octopods
(Here's my new signature!)


  1. Don't forget octopodes :3
    Spino11 says that's the correct term.

  2. @Piplup131415
    Oh, yes :3

    Hey, isn't that the title I made for you before? :D


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