Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sun Visors and other things (Drover)

Hi, it's me Drover, TT is letting me post again! Are you glad to see me? I sure hope so.
You know last night was really scary, there were some scary bush monsters! Hank said he saw them himself.
Anyways in Jam Mart Clothing you can get a...Sun Visour? Sun Visor! 
It's been getting pretty sunny at the ranch. The sun is coming out, the clouds are rolling away, and Hank is beginning to take dips in the sewer again. I've never cared for dipping in the sewer. 
Hank seems to like it though! He says that if, I ever took a dip in "Emerald Pond" my tail would grow!

Also, lots of birds are flying back after the long winter. In fact here's a picture of an especially big one here!
Speaking of birds, I spotted some humming birds today. I've always kinda liked birds. 
Their prittiful. And they can fly! I've always wanted to fly, I know I'd enjoy it if I could.
These birds have their own houses! And they're fed their own food.
Hank thinks that's unfair, in fact, he says "The head of ranch security should be treated with more respect! 
You'd think the cowboys would buy the best dog food money would buy! But no...
...they buy the best food money can buy. FOR BIRDS! Feeding birds, is for the birds."
This bird house is especially fancy, it comes with a bird bath!
"What? Now they're buying houses for birds? What an insult! They buy high dollar houses for birds.
And they give the head of ranch security rags and gunny sacks!?"

And also, on the Daily Explorer, there was a post about pets.
Look at the bottom! *Points* doggies! 
Here are my own personal tips for gaining points with the head of house.
1. Don't chew on sneakers or boots.
2. Don't beat up on the cat, (Hank doesn't follow this rule and he gets in trouble. 
Not every other time but every time!)
3. Don't dig up the flowers.

And there was also a video about adopting dogs. Every house should have one.

Well that's all for now, as TT Coyote would say. Drover signing out!


  1. X3 HOOT!!!
    -ScarTheLion, AKA the owl in the tree XD

  2. Hello I was wondering if you could tell me how you made those signatures???

  3. What does the "C" stand for?


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