Saturday, June 23, 2012

Freedom Contest

This Contest has been won!
(Contest winner: Ellessar77)
Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! I've got a new contest for all you patriotic jammers.
If you win, you can choose one of the freedom plushies in the picture.
To enter the contest comment the answers to the following questions.
(Note, the pictures can be clues!)

1. Sol Arcade replaced which room in Jamaa Township?

2. Decembers Monthly Member Gift was what?

3. The prize for Jamaa's first egg hunt was what?
(Please give the item's exact name.)

4. What is the name of this frog? (Hint: He's very Camera shy.)

5. Tell me the locations of the following pictures.

Good luck everyone! I hope to see a winner soon :)
TT Coyote signing out!

Remember to comment which plushie you want!


  1. 1.Sol Arcade Replaced the Medical Center
    2.Gingerbread House
    3.Basket of Candy
    4.Cami's Frog
    5.Find it 1.Spooky Party?
    find it 2.Bahari Bargains top right
    find it 3.Jamaa Township northeast of Jammart Furniture

  2. 1-Sol Arcade Replaced Medical Room
    2-Decembers Monthly Gift was a gingerbread house for members
    3-The first prize was "Basket Of Candy"
    4-Cami's Frog
    5- 1st location is Captain Melville's Juice Hut
    2nd location is "Bahari Bargains"
    3rd location is In Jamaa Township by Liza's hut
    I'm pretty sure I own, and if I did, I would like the fredom butterfly plushie.

  3. Lol, I will comment alot, and heres a bowl of noodles!

  4. o.o Spinache Paste? Dang.. I wonder what that tastes like XD

  5. Oh, don't worry, if I eat some noodles or play checkers I will be sure to give you some and invite you to the game of checkers :)

  6. 1.the hospital
    2.the ginger bread den
    3. a egg basket
    4.the spooky party
    5.bahari ba
    ragins stumped!!!

  7. 1: Medical center
    2: gingerbread house den
    3: easter basket
    4: Cami's frog
    5: Juice hut, Bahari bargains, Jamaa Township

    If I win, my name is DoomyPanda and I would like the freedom frog.


  8. 1. the medical center was replaced by the sol arcade
    2. a gingerbread house
    3.easter basket
    4.Cami's frog
    5.juice hut,bahari bargains and the down part of jamaa township(this is a random guess).
    my user is majeczka333
    i don't care what plushie I get.

  9. 1. Doctor's Office/ Medicine Room
    2. Gingerbread Den
    3. Candy Basket
    4. Cami's Frog
    5. Pillow in Captain Melville's Juice Hut, hanging from the ceiling in Bahira Bargains, Jamaa Township by the entrance to Sarepia Forest.
    My user is chorus2010.

  10. 1. The medicine room
    2. The Gingerbread Den
    3. Candy Basket
    4. Cami's Frog
    5. Pillow in Captain Melville's Juice Hut, Bahira Bargains on Ceiling, Jamaa Township by Entrance To Sarepia.
    My username is shes479

  11. 1.Medical Center
    2.Gingerbread House Den
    3.Spring Basket
    4.Cami's Frog
    5.Penguins Only Party(?)
    Bahari Bargains
    Jamaa Township

    ~papad91278, the one who wants the freedom duck

  12. 1. Medical room
    2. Gingerbread house
    3. Basket of candy
    4. Cami's frog
    5. 1. Captain Melville's juice hut 2.Barhari Bargins 3. Jamma township near the entrance to sarepia forest.

    I would like the penguin one.


  13. 1. The Medical Center was replaced by the Sol Arcade
    2. Gingerbread house
    3. Basket of Candy
    4. Cami's Frog
    5. Captain Melville's Juice Hut
    Bahari Bargains
    Jamaa Township near the Sarepia Forest Entrance


    1. Congrats Ellessar! Tell me which freedom plushie you want.

  14. Ok I probably will lose cuz I dont think Penguins only is right


  15. This is chorus2010
    I messed up my entry
    3. Basket of Candy
    I would like the duck plushie please!
    - chorus2010

  16. My complete redo
    1. The Medicine Room
    2. Gingerbread Den
    3. Basket of Candy
    4. Cami's Frog
    5. Captain Melville's Juice Hut, Bahira Bargains, Jamaa Township near the entrance to Sarepia Forest.
    I am chorus2010 and would like the duck plushie.

  17. the answers are..
    1. pillowroom/medicalcenter
    2. ginger breab house den
    3. basket of candy
    4. cami's frog
    5. a pillow in the juice hut
    6. fish on top of bahari bargins
    7. a plant next to the building on the very top of jamaa (on the way to sarepia forest

  18. 1. Medical Center
    2.Gingerbread House
    3.Candy Basket
    4.Cami Frog
    5. Pillow In The Juice Hut
    6. Top Of Bahari Bargains
    7. Near the passage to Sarepia Forest( in Jamaa Township)

    I want a hamster plushie IF i win!


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