Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fireworks Fountain

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! In Jam Mart Furniture you can get a Fireworks Fountain.
It's nonmember, animated, and really gets you into the holiday swing, awesome! :D
Also, the artists in the Art Studio have designed a new homepage, it looks like Appondale.
(Click to enlarge)
Pretty cool if you ask me, could this be a new land? It looks like Appondale but I'm not sure.
And those birds look like Emus...also, lets continue that story that Hank was telling in the last post.
Hank: I bumped into something warm and hairy! And...this is the shocking part, it moved.
Yes, it moved! Something was in this bed and-
maybe we ought to stop here, I mean, the little children. Tell you what, we'll put this story off hands for children 1-12 that ought to do it. I'll give you a few moments, kids gone yet? Good, anyways, 
the thing raised it's head, and you won't believe this spoke! Yes it spoke! Do I dare to reveal what it said? Yes, I guess I must, it said... "Oh, hi Hank, what are you doing up here?" "Huh?" all the breath went out of my body and I melted right there! I shook my head and gave Drover a hard glare. What are you doing up here!?
"Well, the floor was getting hard, and cold too. And I guess, well I didn't think he would mind-"
"And yet you crawled up here anyway! Get out of this bed!" 
"Well okay, but what are you doing up here?" 
"Um, uh..." my eyes drifted from side to side, "I was doing a patrol of the bed, and I found something...
...I found you!" Drover hung his head, but then he looked up and said, "Can't we share?" 
I thought about it for a moment, "well, okay, you take the foot of the bed."
Suddenly, he giggled! I gave him another hard glare, "why are you giggling!? This is a very serious situation!"
Drover laughed again and said, "well, how can a bed have a foot if it doesn't have a leg? A table has a leg but no feet, and a bed has a foot but no legs, it doesn't make sense!"
My eyes...rolled back inside my head. "GOODNIGHT DROVER,"
"But, but-" "HUSH!" I tried to sleep, but I couldn't stop thinking about what Drover had said.
"How can a bed have a foot if it doesn't have a leg?" I couldn't get it out of my head!


  1. I'm 11, so I can't read Hank's story? 0.0 (XD)


  2. Really, Hank? It's for kids ages 6 and above, not 13 and above. I'm 9... And I read it.

  3. An emu is a big, feathery, bird tht kinda looks like an ostrich. That, I forgot the name... But it used to sit on he crystal sands rock.


  5. XD That's hilarious! Sounds like something right out of the books, it's so good! XD

  6. To remove the background, I use MS Powerpoint. Then once the background is remove, I save as.

    Can you tell me how to get rainbow links?


  7. when you could still do the egg hunt, if anyone posted all the facts, then for the fact about the egg from appondale has a picture of an emu.


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