Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun Balloons

Hello Jammers, TT Coyote here with todays update!
In the Summer Carnival you can now get a Sun Balloon.
And in honor of this new item, Hank (my dog) would like to tell you how he barks up the sun!
Hank: Every mornin' on everyday of every week of every year I must bark up the sun.
Do you know why I don't trust the sun to rise by its self? 
If you notice, the sun is round like a ball. And this ball is going uphill! That's not normal, in fact
it's impossible. Unless some amazing astonishing extraordinary force urges it along...
...and well, if you'd like to say I'm that amazing astonishing extraordinary force then, well,
I suppose the responsibility for bringing the light of day falls on me.
And if you want to say that I'm the bringer of light and day, well go ahead. 
And as I say, case closed.

Well, that was an interesting story wasn't it? 
And not to mention, you can now get double gems on Gem Breaker.
That's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. ok i do say your the bringer of the light of the day! and i need to play me some 4 gem!

  2. P.S emu grew up!

  3. horselips here! i need help! i really want free chat, but since i signed up with a misspelled email address, i cant get it! so im thinking about changing my username! i will probably just add some numbers, for example if i change it, it will be horselips14, can you tell me if i should or not? i neeed to know!

  4. hm... do you read hank the cowdog?

  5. noooo i mean make a new account, transfer all my stuff to that account, and add everyone of my friends on that one, since i already got freechat on it, or i could just have both tabs up with each user, and then just talk with that 1 since it has the FC


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