Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moon Balloon

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! We've got two snazzy new items for today.
The first one is the Moon Balloon (hey that rhymes) in the Summer Carnival.
Before you know it there will be star balloons and lightning balloons. :D
And in Sunken Treasures (Kani Cove) you can get an Octopus Chair.
Imagine if you sat down and it grabbed you with those arms...
And Hank wants to tell you a story, in his own words :)
Hank: The floor was getting hard, and cold. A cowdog is used to the elements and withstanding incredible discomfort. But a cold hard floor? Surly the head of ranch security deserved more than this!
My eyes traveled around the room and landed on the bed. I put an optical scanner in the air, (normal dogs sometimes call it an ear) I was picking up...the sound of wild hogs? No wait, that was snoring.
I crept across the room and came up next to the bed, I put a paw on the bed, and waited.
No response, so I continued with the mission. I slunk under the covers and oozed and trickled closer to the pillows. If a dog trips up it's usually around here, he'll press too hard and set off the motion sensors.
And often what happens is that he gets thrown across the room! Hehe, not me, I take pride in my work.
If a dog can't do it right he ought not to do it at all. I crept closer and closer and then...
...hang on to something solid. This is the scary part!

Well that's all for now TT Coyote signing out! 
And please stop screaming, part two of Hank's story will be in the next post. :D


  1. O-O what happens!!!!!!!!!???? *bites fingernails*

  2. aj offline aj offline aaaaaaaaaaaah

  3. Oh deer, a cliffhanger! XD great story!



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