Thursday, June 21, 2012

Journey Book Guide: Crystal Sands

Crystal Sands: 
Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations from top to bottom: Sugarcane, Sand Dollar, Cacao Tree, Flamingo, Crab, Tidepool, Tapir, Macaw, Centipede, Basilisk Lizard, Green Iguana.

 The Sugarcane can be found at the very left, just below the entrance to the Temple Of Zios.

 The Sand Dollar can be found between the slides on the left.

 The Cacao Tree is on the left side of Captain Melville's Juice Hut.

 The Flamingo is always just below that little island.

 The Crab is scuttling around between Overflow and Tierney's Aquarium.
 The Tidepool is just below Tierney's Aquarium. 

 The Tapir comes out of the entrance to Mt. Shiveer.

 The Macaw swoops and lands on the roof of Tierney's Aquarium. 

 The Centipede craws around on the roof of the Pet Wash.

 The Basilisk Lizard stays for a while on a rock near the waterfall,
but be warned, he will make a quick dash for the bushes near the Pet Wash.

The Green Iguana sunbathes on the roof of Captain Melville's Juice Hut.

Congrats! Your prize is a refreshing Lemonade Stand :)

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