Monday, June 11, 2012

Rare Monday: Rare Pirate Hat

Hey Jammers, it's me again. TT Coyote. Today is Monday and you know what that means...
...SPINACH PASTE! No I'm just kidding, it means Rare Monday.
This RM item is a Rare Pirate Hat.
Also, I've noticed a rather large dip in views and comments.
Is this blog becoming uninteresting? How can I improve? What wills you to comment?
Also, I might be making a new contest soon. TT Coyote signing out!


  1. I love your blog it is just great and I wanted you to know that your blog encouraged me to make my own blog-Gecko Gazette if you want to check it out the URL is-

  2. well... your a great friend, your awesome, funny, and fun to be around! and i like commenting on here because its quicker than most, on here you only have to do the comment as and type! (not that i don't like other blogs!) maybe if you do more contests and another page more people would view! and maybe a new story!

  3. Hey. I come on your blog at least once a week. But some things I've seen on other blogs are contests, chat rooms and working codes for animal jam. Good luck!


  4. i love this blog


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