Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silver Glove

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! 
In the Epic Wonders clothing shop you can get a nonmember Silver Glove.
It looks just like the regular white gloves, and it looks the same on animals too.
And in the Penguins Only Party you can get a Igloo Pet House!
I know Hank and Drover will like this, but what kind of pet is going to wear pants?

Oh yes, today, we're doing our first "Weekly Wondering" the question is...
What do you think SBi stands for? An Example, SBi: Silly Banana Igloos
I'm sure Scar can figure out a dozen combinations for this :D
Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. SBi:
    Silly Barnicle Igloos
    Scar Baked Ice
    Spino, Bake It!
    Scram! Beat it!
    Scar's Bug Itches
    Stumped Blue Iguanadons
    Scary Blogger Ink
    Staring Beeping Icicles
    Sleep, Big Iguana!

    1. Scary blogger ink sounds the best

  2. Snakes Blog indirectly
    Soup Brings ice
    Sponge Bob invincible
    Steal Balloons itchily
    Steak Baboons Incorparated
    Sponges Barnacle Inchworm
    Sleep, Bizzare inmate


    1. Steak Baboon Incorpirated sounds the best out of that

  3. Scary cable igauna

  4. Maybe it's someone's initials...
    like someone who designed the TVs?


  5. SBi ACTUALLY means State Bank of India, but I thought it meant...
    Silly Beaver's Island
    Sound Booth Incorporated
    Or... something like that. :P

    1. I think out of yours its Sound Booth Incorpirated

  6. hi! cool blog im following it! can you follow mine?

  7. i think sbi stands for Sarepia Broadcasting Inc.

  8. I think it says:
    S = Special. B = Beta. i = item. Well, it IS a beta item right? Lol. -starts to eat noodles and plays Checkers, gets tired and eats checkers and plays Noodles-

  9. SBI actually stands for smart bomb interactive the company that helped develop animal jam!


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