Sunday, June 3, 2012

Giant Giraffe Plushie

In the Animal Museum you can get a Giant Giraffe Plushie!
It looks like the smaller orange giraffe plushie :D

Also, there is a funny misspelling with the item Fairy Wings.
Faerie Wings? Or does Faerie mean the same thing?


  1. Its the old English way to do it. Or is it another country? I'm not really sure, but that definitely is the right spelling.

  2. Actually, Faerie is the spelling they use for the original, a folktale from Ireland.

  3. hmm... i think thats right, i've seen it a couple times spelled like that in books, so ya, its right

  4. Yeah, Faerie is an old and traditional way of spelling "fairy".

  5. "Faerie" is the YE OLDEN way of spelling "fairy".

  6. There are TONS of ways to spell the word “fairy” Including faerie, and faery.


  7. Okay everyone you've proved your point. No need to comment the same thing over and over.


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