Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaf Necklaces (And vacation)

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! Today is Rare Item Monday, 
and in Jam Mart Clothing you can get a Leaf Necklace.
Be careful not to get scammed by people saying its rare.

Also, I'm going on vacation, to Colorado! I'll be leaving tomorrow for three days.
So, goodbye everyone! I'll miss you! *Pist*and someone will need to feed my dogs...


  1. So glad these came out, I got 5 colors! XD

  2. oh and I'll feed your pets for you :)

  3. It's not rare item monday... it's SATURDAY. And I will feed your dogs! Can I?

  4. Um, today's not Monday, it's Saturday...


  5. I’ve wanted a leaf necklace for some time now :3
    It’s nice I can finally buy one!


  6. Ummm it's Saturday did you read your calander? (do you even have a calendar?)

  7. Mighty Tough MasterJune 17, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    By the time I read this it was Sunday. *Facepalm*. You went two days ahead. XD Leaf necklaces? Asdf- I need a membership. ;U; Have a fun time in Colorado! Hopefully it's cooler there than in Tennessee. I feel like I might die. ;A; Again, have fun! XD

  8. I WILL FEED YOUR DOGS! lol if they aren't being cared for by scar or skyanglepuppy

  9. I hope you have a good time in Colorado, TT!

  10. Umm Guys It's Wednesday The 20th


  11. Slide: i'd like spaghetti, with sauce on the slide please
    OWl: I'll be there in an owl
    Sale: We're Sale-ing through the sky
    Snow: It's Snow use, Soren, we'll have to join the pure ones. NOOO!!!!
    Icy: Icy you, Soren!
    Music: Is Music? hope he feels better soon!
    Trickertreee: Wow, you sure Tricked her tree!
    Water: I met someone! Water name?
    Froze: I'm a big lion, I am Frozecious!


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