Friday, June 8, 2012

Froggie Plushies and more

In the Summer Carnival you can now get Froggie Plushies! 
They sure look squishy don't they? Drover is afraid of the big one though!
Drover will tell you in his own words, of why he is afraid of frogs.

Hank: Drover, go bark at that frog! He has no right to be in our pond!
Drover: But Hank, what if- what if he's a handsome prince?
Hank: A HANDSOME PRINCE!? Drover, look at that frog, does he look like a handsome prince?
Drover: Well I-
Hank: No! He's a frog! And he's even uglier than you are!
Drover: Yeah, well in fairy tales, there's a frog and a prince, and princes have swords and knives and-
Hank: Drover, if you don't want to go bark at that frog, I will do it for you.
...but this will have to go on your record! 
Drover: No, not that! 
Hank: You have to, the world must know. That your not just an ordinary weenie. Your a chicken weenie! Who's afraid of a frog!

Hmm, I guess that explains Drover's fear of frogs. Also, in Township there is a weird glitch.
Weird but cool! This will probably be fixed soon so see it while you can :)
I discovered this a while ago, but I'm posting it now. 
If you click on an empty pet slot, the Pet Finder will open up!
This sure is handy :D

And if you type the forbidden word...password. This message will now appear.
Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. XD Poor Drover! Don't worry Drover, frogs are harmless :D

    Sorry I didn't get to see you today, I was on all morning, but had to go earlier then usual, because we had things to do today.

  2. Oh! I thought it would happen when someone would report you because apparently I got one for "Bullying"

    1. I thought that the first time I got one

  3. Hi Trickertreee I think you are so awesome!

  4. There is also a "inapropriate conversation" one. I think that thing replaces the "Uh-oh! Remember the Animal Jam Rules." thing:)



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