Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Carnival

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! The long awaited Summer Carnival is here.
You can get to the Carnival through the parties tab or the various signs scattered throughout Jamaa.
The carnival uses special tickets in place of gems. Upon entering the Carnival you will recive 500 free tickets.
There are several stores at the carnival. Three for furniture, and one for clothes.
The main stores sells plushies. (Note that during the time the Carnival was open there was a sale.)

Also there are plushie booths on the far left and right of the Carnival. Selling freedom plushies!

And finally, there is the Carnival clothing shop.

There is a fun little art tent to the bottom right, 
click the table to find a bunch of activity sheets you can print out and color.

To earn tickets you must play games, each game costs 5 gems to play.
The first one is called WHACK-A-PHANTOM.
Each game costs five gems to play.
Here are the rules...
And you should know the rest, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! :D
Every time you hit a black phantom your score on the next black phantom increases by 10.
Hit one black phantom your score will be 10, hit another, the points you get from that phantom will be 20, then 30, 40, and so on for each black phantom you hit.
For every gold phantom you hit, the points you get for hitting phantoms will be increased by 1x. 
And remember, don't hit those nasty red phantoms! The red phantoms will make your score go back to 10 for each phantom you hit.
The second game we will be covering is called Candy Catch.
As always you must pay five gems to play.
To play this game catch the candies and avoid the phantoms.
Here are some pictures of the game play.
Candy catch works basically the same as Whack-A-Phantom the points you get for catching your first piece of candy are 10, then 20 for the second, 30 for the third and so on. Every gold piece of candy will multiply the points you get for a piece of candy by 1x. And phantoms will cause your points to go back to 10.
This game doesn't give you many gems either.
The third game is called Phantom Ball. My personal favorite.
Spend your five gems and your off!
This is the launcher, click to stop the launcher when it's pointing at the target you want.
Then click to stop the yellow, the higher the yellow the farther the phantom ball will go.
Then watch your ball fly!
Some targets will sometimes glow gold. Aim for those targets, if you get a ball in your points will be multiplied by 1x. When trying to aim for the moving 300 target, it helps to wait, and time your shot.
You can check how many times your points will be multiplied at the top left corner.
To the bottom left there is a Cotton Candy Machine!
You may have seen people walking around with cotton candy phantoms.
Step 1. Pick any cone
Step 2. Then try doing a black layer first, then a white, then black again.
Step 3. Enjoy!

Have fun at the carnival! Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. Phantom Ball is my favorite game also! My second favorite is the whack a phantom! XD
    The candy catcher is so hard.. I haven't done a single game when I haven't caught a phantom by mistake D:
    And I wish they had RED cotton Candy, the only closest thing is orange and PINK D:> Y U NO HAVE RED, CANDY MACHINE?! D:
    anyways, did you notice that, on the clothing item booth, it shows stuff like new kinds of tail items? Exciting! I hope when that spiky tail comes out I have enough tickets, I'd get black right away for my jersey dragon :P


  2. I got almost 500 tickets on Candy Catcher. :D It's my favorite game! I am really good at it. (Most of the time :P) If you get more than 300 tickets on any game, this cool ticket animation will show up at the end of the game!

  3. I'm savin' up my tickets for items yet to be released! Hey, if you get enough tickets in Phantom Ball, your screen gets FLOODED BY TICKETS! HEELP!
    *Drowns in tickets*

  4. "This game doesn't give you many gems either" Gems typo tickets XD

  5. On all the carnival games I've played, the most number of tickets I've gotten was 350 =/ is that the max number or do i just keep on getting that amount?


    1. The max amount of tickets you can get is 650. They don't let you get more tickets than that o.0


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