Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where Liza lives

This is where I think Liza the panda shaman lives.

Why you ask?

Reasons for thinking Liza lives there.

1. It's surrounded by bamboo.

2. There is even a path that goes there.

Also when you first make your account you meet her right around where this hut is!

So those are my reasons for thinking Liza lives in that little hut at the top of Jamaa Township 

Jam on!


  1. i know a glitch that works all the time. 1.look to see where you are. see that your in zios! how weird is that?


  2. Awesomeness, where's the new video you made also?

  3. AWSOME! that would be awsome if you could visit liza in her hut


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