Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jamaday song!

I've found a awesome original Jamaday song!

Frosty the phantom (To the tune of Frosty the Snowman) Written by: Octopus737

 Frosty, the phantom
 Was a squishy, happy soul
 With one big eye and waving arms
 And a tiny lighting bolt

  Frosty, the phantom
 Lives in a dark and icy cave
 And sometimes comes out Into the cold To frolic around and about

Frosty, the phantom
 Is as good as phantoms go
 Delivering gifts and joy
 To Jammers of Jamaa
 As they play 'round in the snow

  Frosty, the phantom
 Has to go now to his cave
 He'll visit again When the next year comes But now he's zapping away

  Zappity, zap zap, zappity zap zap
 Look at Frosty go
 Zappity, zap zap, zappity, zap zap 
Zapping through hills of snow!  

I hope you enjoyed this song written by octopus737 as much as I did!



  2. Awesome, this makes me miss the Christmas time where it's always the best time watching the specials on TV.

  3. Awesome song! Really creative!


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