Thursday, November 17, 2011

Name splices

Have people ever spliced (messed up your name) when saying it?

It happens all the time for me!

trickortreee, trickortree, trickertree, trick or treat (on Day of The Phantoms) and so on...

People even spliced up my nickname for my pet dog Drover! They called him Rover...

Have people ever spliced up your name?


  1. Yes! People have called me orano and orapp and also some of my friends at school pronounce it wrong. :P

  2. bigcatsfoever DCP MODNovember 17, 2011 at 3:59 PM

    I have! bigcatsfoever was sopposed to be bigcatsforever... I made another account called bigcatsforever but I abandoned it.

  3. People have difficulty pronouncing mine. It's pronounced "GWI-veen". And I've been called Guavine before. Plus, my seal, Scooter Thescout, has been called Scotter a lot. I just say, "Who?" until they get it right. :D


  4. Yes, indeed people mess up my name 24/7!!!
    they call em gingerpaws, gingerpaw, and ginger and some others.... i called it gingerpawz! it was originally gingerpaws but i changed it to gingerpawz it called gingerpawz because my cats name is ginger! and i added the pawz lolz

  5. cute name gingerpawz (notice i had the Z in gingerpawz)

  6. People always mess up my name! I mean, can't they read? They always call me "Junior" instead of "Juniper". It is very annoying. In my opinion, "Juniper" is a much better sounding name than "Junior".

  7. Nort. And people who don't have free chat: nor tie.


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