Tuesday, November 15, 2011


One thing I'm really thankful for?

Friends! :) :D 

My best friends are spino11 octopus737 tech66 mayksufi darkbraken and last but not least! gingerpawz!

Have a happy Feast of Thanks!

Thanks to mayksufi for the pottery wheel and sewing machine!


  1. You said Fiends! :O

  2. Trickertreee you are a great!

  3. i thought i was your freind *cries* i guess im not and i knew u before may i thought u were my freind :(


  4. Tech66 quit. So did Steelwing22. :'''''(

  5. Awww I wanna be one of your best friends. .( (eyepatch guy my signature emote can't be sad with him his names ranger)

    Sleeping Canyonrose aka papad91278
    P.s. plz buddy me trickertreee


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