Thursday, November 17, 2011

Animal jam teaser trailer reveals something?

I was watching the Animal jam teaser trailer and saw this in the trailer!

If you've been on before the 4th of July you know that the Juice hut looked different!

But this launch trailer was made in Animal jam beta times! Did animal jam HQ have redesigning Crystal sands and the juice hut in mind for a long time?

Juice hut today.

And also for a little survey! Who do you think Captain Melville is?

Apparently he owns the juice hut, but does anyone know who he is?

Comment your speculation below!


  1. Interesting observations, it's always cool to find out new things.

    Survey: You, I've never thought of that. Maybe he's a tiger who likes to mix smoothies and brought them to Animal Jam, interesting survey!

  2. i think he owns the juice hut or a friend of the shamans

  3. He is a purple monkey with yellow stars and star-shaped sun-glasses and flip-flops. He loves smooties (especially banana) and surfing.

    I totally made that up on the spot, but I like it. :D

  4. He is a gray wolf with darker gray flames and a floral shirt and sunglasses and a pirate hat and boots on his hind legs and flip flops (WITH SOCKS XD) on his front paws and he has a pet froggy named Coolpirate who also wears a pirate hat =D

  5. i like your thought piplup131415! i would agree!


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