Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today I was in Aldan Coral Canyons.

And look at what I found!

In case you don't know someone has been posting really mean comments signed with tinydog98!


  1. Saw her before in Animal Jam, and yes about your question on my blog, you may do so.

  2. Hi,Trickertreee! Just thought I'd let you know your blog is cool and I'm following it now. I'll see you around!

    P.S. I posted one of my quotes in the archive. :)


  3. I've seen tinydog98 bullying a bunch of people, she was supposedly "battling" with other "clans", I don't join clans because of that. I just go around and chat and sometimes scare people by being extremely random. :D

  4. I don't trust Tinydog98. I once heard her calling all people with out "good rares" noobs. I don't think she is a kind hearted person who gives away free candy. -.-

  5. Oh my goodness! Thats the weirdest thing! CUZ SHE'S MY BUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ANYMORE THOUGH! *deleats* There!
    Your my bud TT! Mind if i call ya TT? And that TinyDog said, "Hey seals, why are you so snoopy?" And i was just giving her a rare! It was a little random.....:)


  6. i dont trust him. he just thinks we're selfish and wanna be popular. NOO, WE WANNA BE HELPFUL AND U KNOW WAT TINY DOG??? UR JUST JELOUS

  7. well if i had a tough animal i would buddy her (this is like a psych thing) and i would (fake) fall in love wit her and then beat her up and tell her to undo all the meanness she had made!

  8. tiny dog 98 cussed me! so if you see her report her your famous blogger pixiegirl86155


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