Friday, November 4, 2011


Have you ever been bullied on Animal jam? I have.

To stop bullying on animal jam you can report the player!
And block them!
Then you can't see what they say.
The bully can't send you letters either.
Also there's been a glitch where anyone can follow you! I don't know how it works but I've seen it happen.

Tips to take care of a bully

1. Don't react! That's what the bully wants! A reaction! Staying cool will make the bully get bored and leave.

2. Go to another server.

3. Ignore them

4. Ask friends to help you!

5. Block them so they can't speak to you!


Hello! The Flying Squirrel Tiggie is happy to see you!

Before commenting, there are some rules you must follow...
Do not post anything mean, can you follow that rule? Good!
If you do not follow that rule, you will make the Flying Squirrel Tiggie angry, ROOOAAAR!

Comments make the Flying Squirrel Tiggie happy, Comment a lot to make him happy...a bowl of noodles is nice too.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Do not, and I repeat DO NOT eat noodles or play checkers in front of the Flying Squirrel Tiggie. Otherwise, beware of flying spinach paste!
~Safety Management

Do not play with noodles or eat checkers in front of the Flying Squirrel Tiggie either! Or spinach paste is in your future.

~Safety Management