Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Coral Canyons Crush!

This post is about C.C.C.O.C.C

Coral Canyons Crowd Of Crushing Chaos!

Why the C.C.C.O.C.C?

Well there is the new multiplayer all hit game Best Dressed!

Also there's the construction behind the waterfall, and it seems there's going to be a walk in version of Coral corner! A retired shop!

Anyways watch out for C.C.C.O.C.C! You may get squashed into a little tiger pancake!

In fact I may have to change my quote "The typical Jamaa Township chaos," 
into "The typical Coral Canyons chaos!

Probably not though...Jam on!


  1. hi this is cadek1. im sorry but i quit. becouse kangaroo1339 has been bullying me, i might come back, but. kangaroo1339 has been bullying me for a while :( for since i started animal jam, im sorry i will propably quit

  2. OMG Neva be squished! THEY SHOULD BE CURSED BY A SQUISHY PHANTOM! Like, totally!


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