Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday surprise!

Today I had a horrible dream...a terrible dream! 

It was so awful it brings shivers whenever I recall it.

Luckily I had my dream camera with me :)

Watch them.

I was in the chamber of knowledge when a Bunny popped up out of no where!

And the bunny was going to turn me into a turkey creature like him!

Of course I tried to run away but before I could do that I was pecked on my paw.

Another wolf was pecked and we became turkey creatures!

But then I woke up in my house and I said "It was only a dream..."

But then THE BUNNY appeared!

Uh oh...

PS: Does this bunny look the tiniest bit familiar? 


  1. These are so funny! I enjoy your Sunday Surprises!

  2. The bunny is so cute! I wanna strangle it! Let me at her! I wanna bite its cuteness off and squeeze it!

  3. Too much Thanksgiving celebration triggers dreams like this one.... heh heh heh....... next you'll be dreaming of giant mice dancing around to give you autographs...... think Disney?!! :)

  4. How come... the bunny is your buddy!

  5. I've seen that bunny! EVIL!!!

    I fight EVIL!!! >:D


  6. Besides from the Jama Goof Ups page, I don't recall the bunny. Tell me who! And also, what's the user of her?


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