Thursday, November 17, 2011

Future items?

There are lots of speculation on new items! In best dressed there are lots of new clothes that haven't come out yet!

There is also the illusive "Elf tail armor" owned by sizzlerat

And also sizzlerat does not have this elf tail armor for trade.

Also notice that sizzlerat is wearing five items! Tail items coming soon?

There may also be more Feast of thanks and fall items soon.

Post request by spino11
Special thanks to mayksufi for collecting these pictures.


  1. I was very curious about the unknown clothing at "Best Dressed", On the clothing that is already out, I think they made random colours so there's more variety, but who knows about the mechanic angel wings and shark fin, they could be future items!

  2. Request for Wacky Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday Specials.
    Sure thing! Make sure to give credit to me for the Wacky Wednesday and Quavine for the Saturday/Sunday Special!

  3. The first 4 items might come out soon...the 5th may be a soon-to-be color of the Bat Wings... and the others are just rares.
    Hehe when I first came on AJ just after beta testing there was still a "Tail" drawer for your clothes... i've heard of skullies, the elf tail armor, and my friend said she once saw a wolf wearing something that looked like a skully but with dice instead of skulls... No really! =P Quavine says that maybe they stopped making tail items because not all animals have tails... hmm

  4. i really want that grey/black locket and the grey/black elf bracelets because they match my fur :)


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