Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Carnival and giraffe plushies

Summer is here, and have you noticed any color changes in Jamaa? 
Compare these two pictures, the first one is from spring time, the second is from today.

See the difference? In summer the colors seem darker, 
as you may have noticed, the roof of Jammer Central has changed.
It used to be a nice lime green, 
what are your thoughts about the upcoming Summer Carnival by the way?

Also, there are giraffe plushies in the claw now! I have in my possession a blue giraffe plushie...
...with a sock!
The rise of the plushie collectors is near...


  1. :D cool! I noticed how much darker jamaa was too. CubSimba was collecting plushies all day yesterday [when I was able to come on, that is]. All he got was ONE giraffe out of all those plushies XD

    1. Getting those giraffes are hard! What color was it? :D

      PS: Was Simba going nuts trying to get one? (Hitting the claw with a hammer and so forth)

  2. To tell the truth it's kinda hard to spot the difference on them but once you look at them, you finally spot it!


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