Friday, May 25, 2012

Glowing drums and more giraffes

Me and my friend Ollie, also known as SmilePeaceMusic discovered a secret! 
The big drum at the bottom of the Bunnies Only Party? It glows when enough bunnies hop on it.
Also if you click on the carrot crystals you can get carrots floating next to you.

I got another giraffe plushie, and Ollie was kind enough to let me take a picture of hers :)
This is my brown/badge giraffe plushie, isn't he cute?
Her giraffe plushie is named "Grape" cool hmm? I think I spilled a grape smoothie on her!
I have a little question for you plushie collectors, do you ever name your plushies?
How can you tell if it's a him or a her? I am curious :D


  1. All the time! I name my plushies every time I get one!
    I determine the gender by it's color
    I have a chart and system I can loan to you!!-Gives chart and system-
    :P Hehe.

  2. if i get multiple of the same plushie, i name it the same thing :3 like my black horse plushies are named misty, or spirit, and i just make up random names for the rest like my penguin named squirt :P

  3. Yes, I name my plushies :D
    I tell them apart by keeping a piece of paper with all of their names and descriptions.

  4. Sometimes… it depends how much I like it. I never named my regular old tiger plushie with no special colors, but I named my pink croc Rosey.

  5. why is it called brown/badge giraffe?

  6. I name them by their colors as an example i named my pink lion Lavender and my black lion Jake for now i cant thing of a good name reply anyone if you have a good name... hehehehe their dating teehehehe!!!



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