Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birthday Party Pictures

Thanks everyone for a TT-rific birthday party! I'm really sorry if you missed it or I wasn't responding to you,
I had my fair share of loading glitches and a slow computer.
Anyways, I decided to start the party off with a bang...
Then we all ate noodles, I guess my love of noodles has spread.
Then I got a few more gifts, noodles :D
After that we went to the Pillow Room and made peace emotes,
inner peace...
Then we all started hoping! Hoppy birthday to me!
Then we went to the theater and watched "GECKOS!"
But then I had to go, because of a haircut! A haircut cut my party short.
Also thanks for all the wonderful gifts! I would like to thank...
  • Ravenpaw for: the Stone Chair, Turkey Hat
  • Ozma00: for the Lion Plushies, Caged Phantom
  • Tech66: for the DJ Headset, Rare Pigtails, Dog Bowl, King's Crown, Sailor Hat
  • Spino11: for the green Elf Tail Armor
  • pianogirl18: for the Rare Shark Fin
  • trooper26: for the Tea Pots, Leg Armor 
  • LoveLost: for the Scarecrow
  • ajsman: for the King's Crown, Unicorn Horn
  • bunehluv: for the Fox Hat
  • Gingerpawz: for the Wolf Toy, Gazelle Horns
  • horselips: for the Horse Plushie
  • bunnyman45608: for the Fly Trap
  • ScarTheLion: for the Giant Lion Plushie
  • wonder664: for the Silver Brick
  • irock55: for the Lei
  • snowdog900: for the Elf Tail Armor 
  • Octopus737: for the Giant Lion Plushie, Golden Glove
Thanks for all the wonderful gifts! *Gets burried by gifts* hehe :)


  1. Hope you enjoy the Gazzelles ;D I tried to make it to the party, But I guess I got my time wrong :\

  2. I'm so sorry I couldn't come D: I had violin lessons..

  3. I was happy I could come hope you like your gift!

    Sorry that I couldn't make it!! I had to go the the dentist. Lol, even though I hardly know you!! I'ma send you a b-day gift!! ;D
    Ok coolio! Have a great birthday!

  5. Hey trickertreee, could you look at my new blog? Here's the link, I, not blogging with my Wordpress account because my email is not setup Right yet. D:

  6. Oh, and please add it to your more blogs page. :)

  7. Happy birthday!
    Mine was in April.

  8. im sorry i couldn't come ,my computer had problems too....

    you can still take my gift though


  9. I wish I could of made it... I missed so many parties on Saturday.

  10. So that's the party i was lookng 4!!!! i forgot what blog it was on i was searching everywhere guess i forgot about it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY sorry i wasnt there! :(

  11. Hey what about me? I gave you a noodle machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    papad91278 who no one respects and has never been called a "very close friend" by Spino11, Trickertreee, or Greatshot

  12. hope your like the horse :), i had fun

  13. I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED IT!!! I am sorry TT! I would have made it but I needed to go to the store... :(


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